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Meet Sushi (Pomeranian Spitz, 1 years old)

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

About the Furpal

Very clingy and attention-seeking dog (he makes sure you know that 😂) Enjoys walk (very hyper about that) and a little barky when hoomans are at the door.

About the Owner

Owner Name: Jessica & Jordon

Owner Description: Sushi stays with her momma and papsy in the west side of Singapore (you don’t need a passport for that). Like Sushi, his pawrents enjoy outdoors and spend most of their time fishing on their kayak — which also explains why visits are limited to Wednesdays. But that can be arranged for sure. They enjoy meeting new people too, more so if they can have people over for their bi-weekly mahjong sessions 🤣 Looking forward to welcoming you and your little ones soon. We (including Sushi) don’t bite.

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Choa Chu Kang

Available timings: Wednesday (7-10pm)

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

Book a slot to meet your new Furpal here!

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