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Meet Nival (Maltese, 1 years old)

About the Furpal

Playful, Energetic, Cute and Fun mini Maltese that is friendly to everyone! He has some tricks up his sleeves and can understand English commands. Most importantly he doesn't bite and will give you the dose of cuteness you need!

About the Owner

Owner Name: Axejay

Owner Description: We are a couple who love dogs and are giving our dog the best quality of life it could have.

Furfriend needs to be gentle with our dog as he is a 2.4kg dog which is easy to handle but also easy to get injured. No rough playing allowed.

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Lower Seletar Reservoir (Nearest MRT: Khatib)

Available timings: Mon- Fri (6PM-9PM), Sat & Sun (10AM-10PM)

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

Book a slot to meet your new Furpal here!


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