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Earn Money 

We know that owning a dog is not easy and that your dog deserves a new toy or treats once in awhile. With Furpal, your dog can contribute to the household as well and alleviate some of that cost while having fun. Also, if you do NOT need the extra cash, you and your dog can earn some money to donate to local shelters that need it!



More Enrichment

It is important to keep your dog stimulated by allowing it to interact and engage with new humans. This allows them to be mentally and physically stimulated which can help with the development of health and confidence! Your dog will also be less bored if it has new friends to interact and play with.



Dogs become more Sociable

When dogs are around more people starting from a young age, they become more sociable and encourage good behaviour. Whether you have a puppy or an adult canine, if you put your dog in situations that exposes him to more unfamiliar people, it will help him become more confident about his environment and the world around him, allowing him to learn that strangers are not to be afraid of.

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