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Happier, healthier lives for both humans and canines


We recognize there are a group of people who do not have the privilege in owning a dog at the current stage in their life but would still like to receive the benefits of dog companionship. Furpal provides a safe platform that can connect these people to dogs in a controlled environment to interact with.

Furpal wants to be a preventive measure to ensure both potential and current owners do not have to resort to abandoning their dogs in the future. We want to tackle this issue on two fronts:


A lot of furfriends are potential owners, and we’ve learnt that through furdates, they are able to educate themselves about dogs in a home setting and are able to discuss with owners about what it is like to raise a dog such as the grooming necessary, costs etc.


Owners on the other hand can conveniently socialise their dog with furfriends who visit and use that opportunity to reinforce positive socialisation experiences.


Socialization can help prevent destructive and aggressive behaviour. It is important to note that the puppy stage (3 to 12/14 weeks old) is the most crucial time to expose your dog to positive socialization with people, things, sights, sounds etc.


It is crucial for owners to allow their dog to have positive socialisation experiences regularly and continually as they grow up so that they do not become fearful which can cause mental and physical problems. 

A safe platform for fellow dog lovers

Measures we've implemented:

Every owner and dog are individually vetted to ensure that their dog is eligible to join Furpal


Two way review system is in place to encourage responsibility from owners and furfriends


We are always innovating new ways to improve safety for you and our furpals


24/7 customer hotline and emergency response teams 


Does this sound like you?

  • you want to own a dog but can't right now

  • you want to know if a dog is right for you and your family

  • you're looking for a walking buddy

  • you love the company of a dog but aren't ready to own one 

  • you're looking for something inexpensive and fun to do 

  • you want to destress from your hectic life


Does this sound like you?

  • you have physical capability to play with your dog (owners who are older who may not be able to run or play with their active dog)

  • your dog doesn't get to socialize much with strangers (which is very important)

  • want to earn some money to alleviate the cost of ownership

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