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Meet Macky (Morkie, 11 months old)

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

About the Furpal

I enjoy the breeze and I run like the wind. Every other day, I go to school to play and eat pupcakes. Rumour has it that I walk like a cowboy. When I am tired, I sploot. When I am not tired, I sploot too. Most of all, I am friendly to both hoomans and floofs. More to hoomans tho because they gib belly rubs. That is if they approach slowly with gentle voices, because I may spook and shy away too.

About the Owner

Owner Name: Grace

Owner Description: Typical working pawmom with the worse case of seperation anxiety. Having to leave Macky home while I go to work is the hardest thing to do. Thats why I am always finding new ways to make his weekends more exciting. I am a new pawrent and extremely thankful that the dog owners community are always generous with their advices and experiences so I hope sharing my blunders with you would be a way for me to pay it forward.

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Pasir Ris Grove (Nearest MRT: Pasir Ris)

Available timings: Sat - Sun (anytime) and Public Holidays

Booking Information

Rate: $15/hour/visitor

Book a slot to meet your new Furpal here!

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