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Meet Kiki (Maltipoo, 3 years old)

About the Furpal

We adopted kiki when she was at 7 months old, suffering from a very bad bout of scabies. She recovered and is now a healthy little dog. She's small size for her age and breed, weighing no more than 4kg. Kiki is a timid and shy girl who takes a long time warming up to other dogs but a whole different story when meeting new human friends. Kiki is very smart, plays puzzle toys and knows many tricks like playing dead, nose boop, and even know her left and right! She enjoys performing for you if you have a treat or 2 to reward. Kiki is perfect in every ways except for not being able to control her bladder well when shes excited. So she throws pee parties when she's gets overly excited. We will clean up if she does that but please allow us to use your visit as an opportunity to train her to be calm when there's new people.

About the Owner

Owner Name: Joy

Owner Description: We are a family of 2 working adults and a dog. Potential playdates are preferably evenings. The visits will have to be at our home. Some rules we would appreciate you following : 1. Please be mindful to keep your voices low as we have 2 tenants at home. 2. Please be clean. Sanitise your hands if possible. We want to keep kiki clean. :) 3. As we are still training kiki to be calm around new people, we would appreciate if you can ignore / no eye contact with her until she calms down. This will prevent her from excitment peeing everywhere. 4. Sit on the floor to play with Kiki and speak to her gently. Let her approach you instead of trying to pick her up immediately. (she definitely will go to you as she loves making friends). 5. We will provide the some treats to help enhance the fun bond. We can also teach you some of the tricks kiki can do! 6. Please only stay in the living room premises throughout the visit. If you need to toilet, let us know. 7. We prefer only a maximum of 2 visitors each time only.

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Punggol Walk (Nearest MRT: Punggol)

Available timings: Mon - Fri (730pm to 9pm)

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

Book a slot to meet your new Furpal here!

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