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Meet Hibi (Pomeranian, 6 years old)

About the Furpal

I don’t see Hibi as a dog, or my pet. I treat her like my best friend! She can sense when I’m upset, and will come sit beside me, putting her body close against mine, silently, just keeping me company. And the way she looks into my eyes, it’s as though she’s telling me that she understands my pain. When I’m happy, she is always there to share in my joy as well! Every single day, we enjoy chilling together, having our meals together, going for walks, watching Netflix together, and sleeping together (yes she sleeps on my bed haha!) Hibi is also loving and friendly towards other humans and little kids, and she loves hugs, cuddles, and turning over onto her back to ask for belly rubs! She is an absolute sweetheart and I’d love for more people to get to know her! :)

About the Owner

Owner Name: Jia Min

Owner Description: I have owned dogs and cats ever since I was in Primary School (more than 20 years haha!), and I have experience handling many different kinds of breeds, temperaments, sizes, and ages. (I have ever had a Rottweiler before!) I am self employed, running an e-commerce business, hence I work from home, and my timing is very flexible. My dogs bring me a lot of joy, and I’d love to share this joy with anyone else who’s keen to get to know and play with my dogs! :)

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Namly Drive (Nearest MRT: Sixth Avenue)

Available timings: Mon - Sun (9am to 10pm)

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

Book a slot to meet your new Furpal here!

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