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Meet Chewie (Pomeranian, 1 year old)

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

About the Furpal

The sweetest, cutest, most gentle and easy going dog you will ever meet! Chewie is loved by absolutely everyone! Chewie is super outgoing and LOVES people and dogs! She is very obedient easy going and can do many tricks. Never ever barks!! Very high energy but not overwhelming - kids and adults love her for her gentle and kind nature, and also love how funny she is. Really a darling!

About the Owner

Owner Name: Yujia

Owner Description: As Chewie is still a baby, please handle her with care and ensure that she doesn't climb up high surfaces, as falling from even a coffee table might give her a fracture!

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Near marymount mrt (Jalan Pintau)

Available timings: weekends or weekday nights

Booking Information

Rate: $15/hour/visitor

Book a slot to meet your new Furpal here!

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