Meet Ziggy (Beagle, 3.5 years old)

Updated: Jun 15

About the Furpal

Ziggy is 100% food motivated which makes it easy to train him or get him to perform tricks. He is wary of strangers but opens up with slow, calm approaches and faster if his favourite treats are involved. He isn’t the typical easy, sweet lapdog (although he is really a pot of mush at home with his loved ones) - he loves to pull to sniff on walks and takes time to open up - but Ziggy presents a good opportunity for people who are curious about the breed but don’t see the “tougher” side to taking care of beagles - which leads to high abandonment rates. He doesn’t bite and has never bitten. That said, he is animated, quirky and full of expression. He can “talk” to communicate when he needs help picking out a chew he dropped below the sofa, when he needs to go out because stomachache, and he will paw our legs when he wants to play.

About the Owner

Owner Name: Jazmin

Owner Description: Besides using this as an opportunity to desensitize Ziggy to strangers, I also hope beagle enthusiasts can hear first-hand what owning this breed is like. Ziggy is my second beagle so far and I’ve also had a poodle and pug previously - I can definitely share my experiences with these breeds and how they are different. Also, I’m an advocate of raw feeding and not over-medicating or over-vaccinating our fur kids and am happy to share in this area too. Arrangements to meet in the city areas I.e. Gardens by the bay, Botanic Gardens etc okay too. 

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Punggol Drive (Punggol)

Available timings: Weekends (anytime) and weekday evenings

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

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