Meet Vegas (Shetland Sheepdog, 5 years old)

About the Furpal

Vegas is friendly and loves to eat. He loves stroke and pat. He loves to sit close to us, and sometimes sit on our lap. He seldom bark unless he gets too excited or to defend himself. He does not like loud noise and easily stressed by screaming and shouting kids

About the Owner

Owner Name: Bee Yee

Owner Description: We are a Chinese couple with a baby. Furfriend preferably not baby and toddler. Furfriend does not mind drool.

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Tampines central 7 (Nearest MRT: Tampines)

Available timings:

Mon - Fri (7-10pm)

Sat - Sun (8am-10am, 3pm-8pm)

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

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