Meet Sushi (Corgi x Doxie, 1 years old)

Updated: Jun 15

About the Furpal

Sushi is the active, friendly and affectionate big sister who loves treats more than anything. She loves playing fetch and tug and would always bring her toy to you to initiate the game. She responds to the commands sit, down, roll over, bang bang and toy toy (she really loves playing!). Sushi's little sister, Shoyu, takes awhile to warm up as compared to her jiejie. But once she opens up to you, she can be really playful and she certainly loves a good belly rub. She may look lost most of the times, but she does know her own set of unique tricks. Pat them, hug them, play with them, or simply watch them goof around; we hope they bring you joy and laughter!

About the Owner

Owner Name: Nikolas

Owner Description: We're a married couple with our own 2 hotdogs making us a small family of 4 ^^

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Anchorvale Road (Buangkok)

Available timings: Saturday and Sunday (after 12pm)

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

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