Meet Shiro (Japanese Spitz, 2 years old)

Updated: May 19

About the Furpal

Shiro was born on 2nd April 2017. His official gotcha day is 21 June 2018.

Shiro is a chill yet playful boy that likes to follow you around. He will get excited when you initiated to play fetch!

Shiro's agenda when going to dog park is not to play with other doggos, but it's to get as many as human affection as possible. He is also fully grass trained!

Shiro has been awarded 'Good Canine Citizen' certificate by Singapore Kennel Club. As it's one of his trait to be a guard dog, he will bark at stranger upon entering the house. While the handler/owner is correcting him, please sit comfortably on the floor to let him sniff and get to know you :)

Shiro is a caring big brother to his little sister, Maple! He always give in whatever that little rascal wants! He also keeps an eye on the little puppy when we go outside.

About the Owner

Owner Name: Melissa

Owner Description:

Hi! Thank you for viewing this profile! We have two adorable puppers, Shiro the spitz and Maple the Pomsky! So when you book one of them you get to play with both when you come:)

Just some general rules: 1. You can feed them with permission. Both of them have no food allergies. 2. No baby/toddlers below 3 years old during visitation 3. During visit, we will be sitting around the floor! So wear something comfy!

See you guys soon!

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Canberra Drive (Yishun)

Available timings: weekdays (5-7.30pm), weekends (10am-7.30pm)

Booking Information

Rate: $18/hour/visitor

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