Meet Isla Belle (Mini Goldendoodle, 4 years old)

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

About the Furpal

Calm, shy, obedient (especially with treats), dog friendly.

Isla was rescued from a horrible backyard breeder that no longer had any use for her. She was terribly undernourished, shaved to the bone and exhibited all signs of being abused and beaten. Every loud sound terrified her, she would only eat in the dark when no one was watching and she would cower in fear if anyone approached even slowly to pat her. Fast forward two years, we have now relocated to Singapore and she is the cheekiest little clown in Singapore. Incredibly intelligent with unbelievable senses, she is the source of much laughter in the house. Fair warning, she still struggle with separation anxiety and fear, so it might take you a couple of meets before she learns and trusts that she has no reason to fear you and from then on, the laughter will not stop.

Isla would be best suited for the elderly and for young children, and we don't mind bringing her to visit people if necessary. Isla was a therapy dog in the UK and regularly visited young children. 

About the Owner

Owner Name: Chelsea

Owner Description: As a Legal Executive, I don't get a lot of time to spend with Isla and that is my biggest regret. I also struggle with the fact that dogs are not allowed off-lead in Singapore as Isla walks best off-lead in rural packs (loads of them in Southampton/London). However, we make do! Isla has recently learnt to swim after our many trips to Tanjong Beach but fair warning, she prefers nestling and being cradled as she snoozes in the lovely sea!

Additional Information

Estimate Location: Cheng Soon Garden playground  (Nearest MRT: Beauty World)

Available timings: Anytime, anyday. We have a helper at home that can help if necessary. 

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

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