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Meet Buffy (French Bulldog, 2 years old)

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

About the Furpal

Buffy loves nothing but human touch, belly rubs, or any scratches he can get. He loves balls, any size, any kind. Nothing is too much for him. The perfect Netflix and chill dog, ultimate cuddle buddy and good with kids.

About the Owner

Owner Name: Cadee

Owner Description: I have a flexible work schedule, which allows me to accommodate to most timings otherwise I spend most of my free time with Buffy, cuddling and playing. But nothing is ever enough, so I hope he’ll be able to share his cuteness and companionship to others out there!

Additional Information

Estimate Location: North, Central & East.

Dog cafe / Marina Barrage / Dog run / The comfort of your own home. Locations can be discussed.

Available timings: Mon - Fri (7am-11am / 6-10pm), Sat - Sun (6-10pm)

Booking Information

Rate: $10/hour/visitor

Book a slot to meet your new Furpal here!


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